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Not Your Old Mirror—Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

Published on 08/22/2014 in Accessories, Beauty, Makeup

A new tactic for both of tech enthusiasts and make up fans! Simplehuman Sensor Mirror— an innovative and powerful tool that enhances your life experience. I did purchase a variety of mirrors from grocery and retail store, but now they are in my closet. The reason why I gave up on them is mainly because they became unclear while having the additional magnification哭泣的脸. Therefore, a durable and functional mirror has been looked for.

I found this mirror by chance, and I was quite impressed by those positive feedbacks about it. In general, I would not spend 1-200 bucks on a mirror. However, the curiosity beats me up and I ended up with getting the Simplehuman Mini Sensor Mirror, which was less pricy. Holy Grail! Now I have been using it for 2 weeks, and I am definitely happy with this purchase!


In the first place, which is what I care the most as well, the magnification! This mirror is SUPER clear! It is so clear that you are able to see every pore on your face. Yes, at the same time, you will see all the blackheads on your nose and realize how serious your skin problems are. It is heartbreaking, but I personally do not mind seeing this because it reminds me of paying attention on my skincare routine—every second, every day. Apparently, you can see much better detail in this mirror and soon will get used to it. It can be a bit scary at the beginning, but once you put your efforts, you will feel grateful about the magnification it brings. Yippee! Technology!大笑

In additional to that, the sensor lighting is an incredibly cool feature. It automatically lights up when you are approaching without any annoying buttons. The LED lighting is gentle and considerably similar to the natural lights, which enable you to identify the right color you want for your make up. Your makeup application becomes far more precise with its help and no longer need to worry about choosing the wrong cosmetics. Some people mentioned that this mirror is going to make you spend more money because it makes you feel that you have been using the wrong color. In my point of view, it saves your budget in the same way! You do not have to re-purchase anymore afterward. With this mirror, you makeup applying process gets more accurate, especially for the eyebrows and eye liners. In the meantime, it also performs well during your deep-cleaning the skin weekly. You will eventually find out that you cannot live without it anymore. I feel lost now if I am not with this mirror


To answer a few major concerns you might have for this mirror:

Charging: Use a standard USB port to recharge your mirror. You can charge it with your PC, laptop, even with your cellphone. It is safe and convenient.


Light Bulbs: The LED lights on the side are incredibly long-lasting — Up to 40000 hours using is ensured. In other words, it can last over 100 years if you used it an hour daily. The mini one I got can last 2 weeks after each charging.

Mirror: Simplehuman has two versions of this mirror varying in the sizes. The big one can be adjusted to the angle and height, when the mini one is foldable. No more messy cords after charging. Put it anywhere you like.

Switch:You can see the switch is on the back of the mirror through the picture. It is ON with the first touch. After that, it turns on automatically when you look into it and off when you walk away. This decreases the chances to touch the mirror, which is easy to keep it clean! If you bought the mini one, I suggest turning it off while putting it back to the protective case. Otherwise it will keep lighting.


Also strongly recommend this product to those people who have nearsightedness issue like me. I was struggling during the makeup application without having my eyeglasses on. Such a great idea!

In terms of the drawbacks, I found the on off sensor being a little annoying because it is way too smart (lol) sometimes. It would turn off every time I looked away to search something nearby. This disturbs me a bit after it constantly on and off in a short amount of time. It could be solved by adding a button that keeps it continuously illuminated. For the function, it could be improved in the consideration of being a normal mirror when you do not want the magnification anymore. Ha-ha, I know I am a little demanding.

Anyway, I am happy with my Simplehuman Sensor Mirror overall and satisfied with the results it brought to my precise makeup. Feel like it can last FOREVER unless you break it (hopefully not)! Worth every penny you spent. I think I will get a bigger one for home and save the mini for travelling.

Click to shop Mini>>>

Click to shop Normal>>>

Let me know if you have any problem, and feel free to leave a comment under this post.

Good luck 微笑

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Candy Your Life—Furla

Published on 07/08/2014 in Fashion, Handbags


Furla was founded at Italy in 1927,Leading by their co-founder Furlanetto family. It becomes one of the leading handbag design manufacturer in Europe,wellknown by their trendy design and superior materials.

Comparing with other brands,Handbags from Furla are developed from the sense of elegance, feminity, and perfectly handcrafted details. It does not usually show off big logoo on its design,but use PVC combine with the classic Boston satchel design to create its signature handbag— Candy Satchel, which is considerably impressive.


Well, let’s talked about their candy bags in details.

I personally was not a big fan of girly design, as well as not so interested in the Furla Candy bag in the beginning. However, I was so impressed at the first time I saw it carried by one of my friends, it just came into my mind “I HAVE to get one!”

To clarify, the material being used was not the cheap plastic-based, but a kind of PVC that has certain extent of thickness. It is not easy to scratch it by normal objects like pens or cards.

It also does a great job on keeping a flattered shape of the bag.

In a word, the Candy Satchel is a must buy item from Furla. Now I will introduce the handbags collection from Furla to give you a brand overview.

Available at: Nordstrom | NeimanMarcus | Shopbop | Zappos | Bloomingdale’s | Saks Fifth Avenue | Lord & Taylor | macys | Amazon

Solid ‘Candy’ Satchel


As we mentioned before, this is the signature from Furla’s product line, a combination of techno-artisanal materials and adorable colors!。

The semi-see through appearance reminds me of jelly.The stands at the botton hold your candy standing all the time and look fabulous. Remain enigmatic with this Candy Satchel during beach tour, camping, hiking, and whenever you are worried about scratching you leather handbags.
Available at: Nordstrom | Shopbop | Zappos | Neiman Marcus | Bloomingdale’s  |macys | Amazon




Tricolor ‘Caclip_image018ndy’ Satchel  Large $298 | Small $248

Not fun enough? Then get more colors! The tricolor Candy stachel give you more statement than the solid on, yet also very stylish. To match it with your outfit,simple colors or the same colors type with the bags would be your best solution.

Available at: macys | ZapposAmazon



clip_image028Candy Cookie’ Satchel  Large $448 | Small $398

Warmer than your knitwear, this just reminds me of these North European cabins in the winter. The colorful knitted bottom wrap up the candy bag like a scarf.

购买网址: Shopbop | Zappos | Neiman Marcus | macys


‘Candy Bon Bon’ Mini Crossbody $148

clip_image034Come and get your lolipop with this cutese Candy Bon Bon crossbody!

Super sweet details featuring the top flap with golden turnlock closure. Roomy enough for your daliy essentials like cellphone, card case, and lipsticks. More surprisingly, the size works great as a tote for your baby girl!

Available at:Shopbop | Zappos | macys | Bloomingdale’s |


Candy’Satchel SS14 Large $498 | Small $448

clip_image044From the 2014 Spring Summer collection of Furla, an improved version of the orginal Candy Satchel. Your day become easier to confront with the captivating new Candy Satchel. Leather details gives it more classic and timeless finish.

Available at:  Zappos | Bloomingdale’s |



clip_image054‘Candy Pochette’ Clutch $298

Not satisfying with the renew Satchel, Furla also releasd the Candy Clutch.The fold-over flat with the colorblock design are like the art of light and shade. Leather details push-lock closure also makes it super CHIC. Meanwhile the removable shoulder strap allows you going with any outfit ideas.

Available at:  macys | Zappos | Neiman Marcus | CUSP  |



clip_image064‘Globe’Tote  Large $798 | Small $598

In the Pre-Fall 2014 collection of Furla, the Globe Tote is very eye-catching. Shining like honey, the mandorla-pink and black tote is super feminine. The design of it gives us a sense of vintage-looking. Pairing with the intalian handcraft and calf leather is also impressive. Taylor swift carried a very similar one in her outfits.

Available at:Zappos | macys | Bloomingdale’s |



clip_image069‘Polaris’ Dome  $698

Fell in love with this romantic Polaris Dome from Furla at the first second! Even sweeter than the milk chocalate. Achieve ensemble elegance with it at you side. It is made of full-grain sheepskin and calf leather. The interior design features a couple of zip pockets can hold your everything in the right place as well. Social elite Olivia Palermo wore this in the fashion show.

Available at: macys


clip_image075 clip_image077

You can also find Furla collection from the following discounted websites!

 Last Call | Blue Fly | 6pm | yoox |


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Nine West Must Haves

Nine West was founded in 1978 and has millions of fans all over the world. Headquartered in New York City. In 1994, Nine West opened its first retail store in Hong Kong and stepped into the Asia market. Now, Nine West operated over 800 retail stores across the world.

Nine West2

Kate Middleton is one of a big fan of Nine West. She visited Canada in 2012 with Nine West’s wedges. Moreover, Miranda Kerr. Alba and fashion bloggers are always spotted wear Nine West’s shoes.

NW Opening1




Capricious Ankle Strap High Heels   $85


Fashion blogger Jessi Afshin showed her Nine West Capricious Ankle Strap High Heels on her Instagram. This is a pair of gorgeous shoes with nude straps and black sharp toes, which is a classic collection and goes along with all your types of outfits. No matter your are going to work, brunch or special event. The straps make you walk more XXX and comfy. Further, the combination of these two colors gives the shoes more definition.

Click to shop: Nine West 

Authority Peep Toe Gladiator Sandals   $99

Nine West Authority1

The lace up design was born to define sexy and lady feelings.  I always like nude shoes, because it will longey your legs and let you look much more taller, which we always need. In addition, this shoes is 7.5 cm high, which is a perfect height to walk with.

Click to shop: Nine West 

Mauren Strappy Wedges Sandals   $99

Nine West MAUREN1

Why I love wedges because they are much easier to walk with and also could longy your legs. The Mauren Strappy Wedges Sandals  has four color to choose, which gives your more options to pair with your different outfits.

Click to shop: Nine West 

Melondy Wedges Sandals    $99

If you are not attracted by the Mauren Strappy Wedges Sandals, it is totally fine. Here is another option for you. This pair of sandals have combination colors on both heels and straps, which add more definition to these babies. The pink color on the wedges could brighten your whole look instantly.

Nine West Melondy1

Click to shop: Nine West 


Martina High Heel Pumps     $79

If a little black dress is a must in women’s closet, a pair of high heel pumps should be one as well. It is sexy, versatile and modern look. I have two pairs of the Martina High Heel Pumps, one in black and one in nude. They are pretty soft inside and out, which make them so comfy to walk with. In addition, black and nude are two classic color that goes along with all kinds of outfits and help you to stay chic. The similar style comes with three different heights and over eight colors.

Nine West Classic Pumps 1

Click to shop: Nine West (10cm)  , Nine West (6cm) , Nine West (5cm)

Love Fury Platforms Heels   $79

I would say platform is a considerable design for high heels, it not makes your high heels more comfy to walk with, but visually longy your frame and feels like you look much more taller. It is great for dressing them up for work, or you could dressing them down with a pair of jeans, just give it a more casual look. For the Love Fury Platform Heels, these is a luxury “Love Fury” in your shoes, which makes it looks a pair of high end shoes.

Nine West Fury11

Click to shop: Nine West 



Zacharia T-Strap Sandals   $79

A T-Strap sandals are a must have in summer. It could pair with your shorts, leggings, jeans, dresses and pretty much everything. And of course it is easy to awl with. I always hurry in the morning, when I don’t know what to wear in summer time, I always go with the T-Strap sandals.




Click to shop: Nine West 

Keylime Thong Sandals    $79

This pair of Thong Sandals have twisted look of its t-strap, which gives the shoes more definition. In addition, I love the gold hardware around the edge of the shoes and the the gold twisted look. They just match with each other perfectly and give this pair of shoes a unique look.



Click to shop: Nine West 

Nine West also co-op with Instyle to design its fashionable 9W❤Instyle line. I personally fall in love with all of their shoes, but forced myself to pick up two pairs of shoes from the 9W❤Instyle line.

Nine West 9W


Mahla Wedges    $109

When I first spotted this pair of shoes, I was attracted by its gorgeous color. This is a beautiful grey, it’s neither too dark or too light and feels like a fresh grey in summer. Looking more for the details I discovered that has straps on, which makes you feel more comfy to walk with. In addition, I love the girl pair with a grey jean and a floral blouse. The floral blouse is great for spring and summer and the grey jean and shoes help to keep the whole outfit simple and chic. This look is great for brunch.

Nine West Mahla1


Click to shop: Nine West


Gamin D’orsay High Heels   $79

This is a pair of shoes that I can’t say no to them. If I have to pick up one word to describe them, that would be “sexy”! The pointed toe and the cut out part just let you feel sexy and chic! The lady dressed up this shoes with a distressed capris ankle jean, which gives us a strength and confidence temperament.

Nine West Gamin1


Click to shop: Nine West 

With the development of Nine West, the creative director Fred Allard is leading Nine West to step into the world of accessories.


Tribeca Pebbled Leather Satchel     $199

Tribeca pebbled leather dome satchel is designed to hold all of your essentials, and to last for ages. This elegant leather satchel includes double over-the-elbow easy-carry straps, an adjustable/removable crossbody strap, removable ID tag, single inside zip pocket approx. 7″W x 5″D, two open pockets inside approx. 4″W x 5″D each. Finished with golden hardware. Red lining. At 11″H x 13.5″W x 8″D. In addition, you can either wear it with your arm, or as a cross body bag.


Nine West Tribeca1
Click to shop: Nine West


Except for shoes and handbags, more and more charming accessories such as bracelet, clutches attract our eyes. I love statement jewelry pieces, because they could brighten your whole outfit instantly. Let your handbags rest for a while, and it’s time for teatime with Nine West chic clutch.

Nine West Accessories 1


Click to shop: Nine West


Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below in the commentary box. Looking forward to hear what you guys think about. Have a wonderful day!

Stay chic! XOXO



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Longchamp Must-Have List















LONG CHAMPhas more than 60 year’s history. Its brand founder jean card and Mr. Grantham in Paris in 1948 opened its first pipe shop, favored by the market, even the generation of rock and roll giant elvis Presley is also his customer! Over these years, LC has become a high quality leather product. In recent years, Longchamp cooperation with a lot of famous artists. Early Longchamp was invited by French boutique industry federation (Comite Colbert) to become its members, with the mission of promoting France boutique to the whole world.

I think that most of people know this brand by its famous unique product dumplings bag. This bag shows its delicate do manual work. My first LC was five years ago I travel aboard and saw many foreigners carrying its dumplings bag and than I also bought one. Although I do not understand why so many people are having it, But after I’ve used it, I got it. In recent years as the dumplings bag also became famous from north to south, this brand has be well know.















NO.1Le Pliage Large Nylon Shoulder Tote Bag


The large dumplings bag is LC’s most famous product, and it’s also my favorite one. And it can compare with all your clothes. Its quality is very good, Solid Durable. Waterproof function is really very useful. You also can carry it on a rainy day. I’ll work harder to get all color.

Where to buy: Neimanmarcus



































Must-Have NO.2
Leather Large ‘Le Pliage’ Tote


This sheepskin series has variety of colors, new USES a mixture of lambs and goats metis goat production, the material is super comfortable, soft, and provides a fold as Longchamp famous product – nylon fabric dumplings folding bag like the thin and small, convenient to carry. I think this is more luxury dumpling bag.

Where to buy: Blurfly


















Must-Have NO.3
Leather ‘Le Pliage’ Top Handle Tote


Big sheepskin handbags’ Little sister , the price is more common, if you feel the bigger one are so expensive you can choose this one. This is also stars ’favorite one. The size is enough for weekdays.

Where to buy: Bluefly


















Must-Have NO.4
Longchamp 3D Leather Tote Bag


See the bag’s name “3 d”, you will know this bag has very strong design. This is what everyone looking for! Really useful for everyday work.

Where to buy: Neimanmarcus


















Must-Have NO.5 LM Cuir Large Tote Bag


This bag is shows by my favorite model CocoRocha. Its designs good, traditional but also has its own style. Elegant navy blue with high quality leather, its quality even better than some A line brands. Overall, the leather of LC is known for high quality.

Where to buy: Neimanmarcus





















Must-Have NO.6 Nylon ‘Le Pliage’ Backpack


LC is also famous for its nylon backpack, really hot one. Colorful and good quality is the reason why this backpack sells good.

Where to buy: Bluefly































Must-Have NO.7
Nylon ‘Le Pliage’ Mini Coin Purse


This cute littlepyrse also made by waterproof nylon fabric, very suitable for travel with you.

Where to buy: Bluefly


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Bergdorf Goodman Luxury Department Store

Published on 10/30/2013 in Beauty, Fashion

brandBergdorf Goodman is a luxury goods department store based on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. The company was founded in 1899 by Herman Bergdorf, Bergdorf operateds from two stores situated across the street from each other at Fifth Avenue between 57th and 58th streets. Bergdorf Goodman’s main store, which opened at its current location in 1928, is located on the west side of Fifth Avenue. Today, Bergdorf is a subsidiary of Neiman Marcus, which is owned by the private equityfirms TPG Capital and Warburg Pincus.



Bergdorf Goodman has found its way into a variety of movies and television on shows over the years. In the 1953 movie, How to Marry a Millionaire, Lauren Bacall’s character, Schatze Page, reprimands Betty Grable’s character, Loco Dempsey, and says “Next thing you got to remember is the gentlemen you meet at the cold cuts counter may not be as attractive as the one you meet in the mink department at Bergdorf’s.” Bergdorf Goodman was a favorite shopping spot for Sex and the City’s main character, Carrie Bradshaw. It was featured in the opening to Sex and the City 2, with the girls meeting at the entrance of the store and buying wedding gifts there. In 2013, Bergdorf Goodman was the subject of a full length feature documentary ”Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s”.



Featured brands in Bergdorf Goodman:

As one of the most fashionable stores, Bergdorf Goodman attracts hundreds of brands moving into it, such as Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, BVLGARI, Dolce & Gabbana.




















For beauty fans, you can find Amore Pacific, Sulwhasoo, Cle De Peau Beauty, which are all popular and luxury beauty brands from Asia, that are only sold by few stores in the US.


As one of the most popular fashion store in the US, to satisfy more customers, Bergdorf Goodman provides deliveries for online order in both USA and Canada, and calling oder in many other international countries. Bergdorf Goodman also has its own reward program to gain customer’s loyalty. Shopping with Bergdorf Goodman credit card, you earn two InCircle Points for virtually every dollar. For every 10,000 points earned, the store will send you a $ 100 gift card.


BG Card








Click to see the reward >>>

Seasonal Reward in Bergdorf Goodman:

Bergdorf Goodman provides gift card reward events several times a year: Spend $500, get a free $100 gift card; Spend $750, get a free $200 gift card; Spend $1000, get a free $300 gift card.

Moreover, it also offers Beauty Event: $75 off $500, $200 off $1000 with your regular-priced purchase.

Tip from SDU: As Bergdorf Gooodman is a subsidiary of Neiman Marcus, its event time and detail are almost the same with Neiman Marcus’s.

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Playful & Unique–Juicy Couture

JCJuicy Couture is a casual contemporary brand founded by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor in Los Angeles, 1997, and has now become one of the most successful fashion brand in the USA and the world.  Its playful and unique DNA attracts most young girls.  Even Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears are fans. It offers international shipping to more than 25 countries.




There are more than 126 Juicy Couture stores, includes department stores, boutiques, and outlet stores, in USA. Outside the country, Juicy Couture also expands its fashion business in more than 30 nations. Its colorful apparel, handbags, shoes and accessories have already been an icon all over the world.




Its velour tracksuits and crown are signature pieces. Madonna spread the velour tracksuits to huge popularity. Confident girls see Juicy’s velvet hoodies and pants as a must in their wardrobe.  The signature velour pieces can be customized with different colors and typefaces of letters.


The just in 2013 fall collection uses leopard print to highlight women’s femininity.

In the same collection, Juicy Couture also brings out baby’s leopard print apparel and shoes to match their cool mom.

Juicy Couture is one of the few brands that jewelries are as successful as handbags and apparels. Its jewelries and accessories are affordable but chic and young. Its signature collection is mainly crown or heart shaped.


To support the breast cancer research foundation, Juicy Couture designs its pink pave icon bracelet. Pretty in pink, this bracelet has Juicy all over it.



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High-End Luxury Department Store – Neiman Marcus

NMNeiman Marcus is a luxury department store. Founded in 1907 in Texas by Herbert Marcus, it owns more than 40 locations and has become one of the most popular department stores in America. Noted for exceeding customers’ expectation, it often has free shipping promotion and it offers international shipping.  To catch the most latest fashion new, it offers pre-order service on the latest designer collections and the most trendy styles. Its loyal customers can enjoy frequent promotions on premier brands.


Survived from a fire in 1914, Neiman Marcus reopened in 17 days.  Its noted Christmas catalog, The Christmas Book, introduces the most exquisite gifts exclusively in the catalog, which causes a nationwide trend.  The Christmas Catalog is shot by world-known super models, wearing the most luxury clothes.  Viewing the catalog is definitely on the must-do list in Christmas. (Source)



Neiman Marcus owns several operations. Horchow is a premium furniture catalog and website. Bergdorf Goodman is a sister website with limited choices in contemporary brands in 5F Contemporary section.  CUSP sells contemporary designer brands. Last Call is an outlet with huge discounts. It recently launched Chinese website, Neiman Marcus尼曼. Both NM and BG offer wedding services.


Neiman Marcus has hundreds of brands in different categories, including the most premier designer brands, such as Alexander McQueen, Burberry Prorsum, Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana.



Like many other department stores, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman have special pages introducing new trends and editors picks, called NM Edits and BG Focus.



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Kate Spade Introduction

Kate SpadeKate Spade is an American designer, who own brands called Kate Spade New York and Kate Spade Saturday. She and her husband, Andy Spade, launched a men’s line, Jack Spade, in 1997.  She was honored by CFDA for Best Accessory Designer of 1998.  Now there are more than 80 retail stores in the States and over 100 in the world.   There are more than 20 stores in China, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and more.



Kate Spade New York was founded in 1993, and now is famous for colorful apparels and accessories.  Besides the spade, its signature element is bow.  It has a nickname of “New York Chanel”.


Founded in 2013, Kate Spade Saturdayis a brand extension of Kate Spade New York, offering apparels and accessories with the same quality and core idea but in a more affordable price.


In its latest 2013 Spring collection, Kate Spade New York continues its lively designs, as it focuses on strips and flower prints.

KS 2013

Instead of shooting in a studio, its 2013 Spring Campaign was shot on streets.  Models’ freshness and vividness are what young girls are looking for!

KS Spring

Accessories of Kate Spade New York are chic, bold and unique. To some extents, its accessories and handbags are more popular than apparels and shoes.


Recently it has launched its first fragrance Eau de Parfum, Live Colorfully. Live Colorfully EDP is available on Kate Spade New York and Norstrom, online and in store.  With sweet but fresh flower notes, its packaging applies bow and delicious colors.

KS Fragrance

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Tommy Hilfiger sale

Published on 10/29/2012 in Clothing, Fashion

$25 off a $100 Tommy Hilfiger purchase at macys.com! Offer valid 10/29-11/27tommysale

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Juicy Couture Hoodie

Published on 08/25/2012 in Clothing, Fashion

Juicy Couture Hoodie

Juicy Couture Velour Long Sleeve Zip Hoodie With Sequin Back (JG006688)

Price: $158.00

Snap Up

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