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Kiehl’s Hair Conditioner and Grooming Aid Formula 133

Published on 05/29/2014 in Beauty, Personal Care

kiehlsThe formula gets its unusual name from the fact that customers who were invited to test the product during development were so eager to have more that Kiehl’s chemists never had the chance to namekiehls the formula properly. So they just called it ‘133’.

Almost every American website is sold out. Only available at offical website.

This conditioner contains hydrolyezed soy protin and oat protein, help recover damaged hair tenacity, make the hair ‘full of water’.

Fresh texture, suitable for any hair. People with oil hair also do not worry ther will be greasy problems.

Girlfriends experience:


Help hair restore strength. The fomula of ‘133’ is more refreshing than Amino acid conditioner, It doesn’t have artificial additives. If there is no big problem with your hair, This conditioner is your best choice at the daily maintenance.

Feedbace from Netizens:

I really love this conditioner. My hair was so soft and smooth. Keep it on my hair few minutes before rinse it. I use it for a very long time and I highly recommend it!

I have been using this conditioner since ‘03. Before this, I couldn’t find a conditioner which can make me satisfied. I have a naturally wavy hair and it’s easy to tie. This conditioner makes my hair back to a state of soft and shinny.

Where to buy: | Kiehl’s  ▏

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L’OCCITANE Products Review

L ‘occitane, from France, an elegant and romantic country.

Dedicated to the research and development of facial, body care, sweet atmosphere and household products, completely natural plant ingredients, environmental protection, natural, close skin, give skin the best care. The concept of brand completely accord with our French delicate, elegant, romantic, close to nature.

Brand stems from a town in southern France, beautiful scenery, pure romantic happiness Provence (Provence Alpes – Cote d ‘azur ‘). With a health, pure and have a longing for the beautiful land of rich natural resources.

Perfect symbol


In L ‘L ‘occitane products packaging, with some prominent braille. This is the brand’s unique charity says: L ‘L ‘occitane founded perfect foundation, to “help blind people and support professional women in developing countries, as well as provence excavation and protection of natural resources” as the objective, to those who need help in a different way to extend the most sincere help. L ‘L ‘occitane also focus on customer care. Official website every year according to the customer’s sweepstakes – go to France to visit and tour. Although the small make up a winning yet, but this prize is very sweet, very attractive?




A counter in a prominent place in the perennial on hand cream. A country can sell every 3 seconds a hand cream. Oil of lacteal wood fruit containing 20%. Relying on its own rich texture, excellent penetration and excellent moisturizing moist degree absolute is a trump card products in hand cream.

Just bean-size daub on hands, can moisten to every inch of hand skin. Small make up really started with the hand cream only know perfect. The introduction of choice, is it.



Where to buy :  L’OCCITANE






Let us be familiar with a large field of provence lavender also let a person infatuation of cherry blossoms. Spring ma pink cherry blossom and refreshing the light fragrance, who always stop.

Perfect hand cream, always let small make up move. The shea butter and cherry blossom is small make up shall, according to the thing in the world.

Cherry blossom hand cream, not only contains the moist champion oil of lacteal wood fruit, as well as glycerin and vitamin E. Light, non-greasy texture is always let people have a universal love.

Where to buy : L’OCCITANE





SHEA BUTTER BODY LOTION    8.4 fl.oz    $32


15% of shea butter extract, can fully protect women from the hot sun damage skin.

Excellent moisturizing to make the dry skin and dry skin saviour. Regardless of the four seasons, there are always let you feel dry skin, slightly allergic for a few days. It’s there, dry, peeling out with you.

I didn’t know the importance of the lotion, take a shower after direct dressing, skin and clothing of the friction will harm the skin. The existence of lotion, is to give the skin mask on a contact layer of protection


Where to buy :L’OCCITANE






SHEA BUTTER EXTRA GENTLE SOAP – VERBENA  Do you remember the verbena which in <the vampire diaries> makes the vampire  are afraid of ?

Yes, it does exist, and the advantage of water swelling effect.

Shea butter extract moisture and verbena, water swelling effect, make the skin soap was so different.

Small make up once the soap, many brand protection soap small make up looking for work, believe me, this is absolutely the most let a person to be tempted.



Where to buy: L’OCCITANE




DIVINE CREAM      1.7 oz. $106

Helichrysum is called a “flower depth”, because even after the dry, helichrysum can still maintain the posture, and color

The formula using helichrysum and myrtle, tighten the skin, moisture. Brighten the skin color and the characteristics of the targeted desalt splash absolute attract small make up.

A from 25 ~ 60 years old can use skin cream. Smooth texture, let a person fondle admiringly, moisture to dry skin, sensitive skin is seeking, if you have plenty of budget might as well try.



Where to buy: L’OCCITANE





By helichrysum cells at the core, the most precious efficient active repair factor is intensive repair helichrysum essence of eye cream, played an eye cream to repair the biggest effect.

Cream gel texture in eye week, ice ice cool tactility greatly add cent, mild stimulation of the formula is suitable for delicate skin around the eye.

Fade out black rim of the eye, eliminate edema is one of the biggest bright spot. The small fine lines eye also can be used as the stick to and slowly disappear.



Where to buy: L’OCCITANE





Perfect products, timely, and the price is also reassuring thing is that because of natural, preservative-free.

This shampoo set five kinds of repair essence oil and wheat protein ingredients, do not use additives, can let a hair restore luster.

Small make up hot dye hair is often reluctant to cut off, so you’re often dry hair end, short-tempered. Composition of this kind of shampoo can really help the repair of the hair, can’t say if brightness is new, but also recover a lot of flexibility, soft smooth is always right.


Where to buy: L’OCCITANE




LAVENDER FOAMING BATH  16.9 fl.oz   $36


I like light lavender fragrance, the head of a bed of lavender flowers always help small make up sleep.

The lavender bubble bath dew, also contain lavender essence oil and rosemary essential oil. Rich foam, soft tactility, tip light faint scent moments that make for work tired you relax, body and mind to be able to stretch.

As at the SPA experience, who don’t mind? Fast for your bath room, add a comfortable.



Where to buy: L’OCCITANE






All say French woman elegant, delicate. We only know they are delicate, but I do not know why they are fine. They go out, there will be a pair of delicate high-heeled shoes, pockets and a lipstick, quietly elegant of the wearer’s delicate adorn article, of course, still have them, there is always a noble, charming, elegant direction.

Before this kind of sweet atmosphere adjustment: verbena, orange adjustment: the orange blossom, jasmine after adjustment: vetiver, cedar trees. Fresh, sweet, sweet, quietly elegant is all encompassing. The little girl summer must-have item.



Where to buy: L’OCCITANE

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Shu Uemura Products Review

Shu Uemura of Japan was founded by men of the first people Mr. Shu Uemura make-up and maintenance of the 1950s. He improved cleansing oil is the most important in the history of skin care products, which enjoy a cleansing oil’s father’s reputation.
Mr. Shu Uemura returned to Japan in 1966, set up a cosmetics company, first launched the cleansing and cleansing oil combo, consisting of pure plant ingredients, after emulsification remove makeup and dirt, acclaimed. shu-uemura-logo-150x150

 1968 has been to create more than 100 makeup, makeup launched in 1972, stage performances, becoming the first person “to makeup sublimated into art”.

Today, many of Shu Uemura single products are included in many beautful girl’s favorite list. Whether it is a new entry or make-up people, there will certainly be Shu Uemura makeup bag products. Relatively high-end makeup products, Shu

Uemura is close to the people of many.

The following  we recommend Shu Uemura Star products:



1.porefinist anti-shine fresh cleansing oil     150ml/450ml    $31/$67

wps_clip_image-2668The most famouse product in Shu Uemura is cleansing oil.

porefinist anti-shine fresh cleansing oil is newest.

As pink cherry blossom like a dream to meet the girl’s hear.It is endorsemented by a member of  the Korea CNCLUB .Warm smile make little sisters are all happy.
Cherry extract helps exfoliate delicate pores and blackheads and meet the basic conditions for cleaning.
Cherry extract of grass, the skin is more delicate, no stimulation.
Fresh, clean, not tight (moisturizer) to meet the small series of fantasy Cleansing Oil


Where to buy: shu uemura




2.lightbulb foundation and sponge set        $55


To evaluate the quality of the fundation, in addition to scalability as well as the problem of   makeup.

This is mixed with dry skin, dry skin praised the matter. Afford to skin, no makeup, easy to open, affordable foundation. Lightweight and easy to carry package.
If you’re among tangled in numerous foundation, try it now. Effect will definitely exceed your expectations for this price oh.




Where to buyshu uemura





3.calligraph:ink liquid eyeliner pen     BLACK     $20


The eyes are the window to the soul, delicate eye makeup is the most important. A fine eyeliner  can make you look healthy and energetic.

When I am in contact with eye makeup, is from the liquid eyeliner pen. If you are a eyeliner small white, don’t know how to draw liner, I recommend most is liquid eyeliner pen.

This is a  fluent line, an outline of the perfect eyeliner. There are 0.05 mm, 0.25 mm and 0.5 mm of the three kinds of thickness written to choose from. Different thicknesses written outline completely different style.

Durability is also don’t have to worry about the problem. Not because the oil and shading. But calm makeup can’t ignore !


Where to buy: shu uemura




4.nobara cream cover stick foundation     754/764/564       $44


Between liquid foundation, and double foundation grooming products, relative to the high price of concealer, shu uemura this concealer is very good. After the bottom makeup, covered the blain blain, birthmark is very beautiful there.

Because of the exquisite makeup feeling some people even use it as a foundation. At the same time, convenient packaging can carry convenient repair a makeup, also is the key that attract people.

Where to buy: shu uemura


5.eyelash curler             $20


Roll become warped eyelash makes you look more beautiful.Each colour makeup is out of the eyelash curler, I am passionate about shu uemura professional eyelash curler.

Due to the radian of perfect design, the effect of lasting roll become warped. It is really surprised to me, It also can avoid eyes or eyelash receive damage. Hand shake of the necessary sheet is tasted. Natural silica gel pad is to help the eyelash perfect modelling. After a lot of girls with enthusing about it.

This mascara roll become warped durability is really good, small make up after use no other home products. Although the price is a little gao, but really is worth .

Where to buy: shu uemura


6.hard formula                 $23


If you do not have United States eyebrow shape.A machete eyebrow pencil sketch is also beautiful. Japanese machete modelling, can draw their natural and stereo eyebrow, asing if is born.

The modelling of a machete, a pen can draw about, details on small repair added makeup look more carefully.

Makeup lasting one day, and the shading. Natural soft is the characteristic of it.

Painted on the back of hand out but can easily on eyebrow coloring characteristics more magic.

If you don’t have a satisfactory eyebrow pencil, try it.

Where to buy: shu uemura

7.natural brush                 $65

wps_clip_image-26620For makeup artist with the importance of a good brush like the pianist has a good piano. A good tool, can let makeup artist draw the more perfect makeup look.

Like the fine wool, soft. Close skin soft feeling let a person fondle admiringly.

As a sweet stucco, to play full function of powder and eliminate redundant powder Avoid heavy makeup feeling

Pure and fresh and natural makeup necessary sheet is tasted.

Where to buy: shu uemura


8.natural volume false eyelashes            $21


Envy others thin dense eyelash is also there. If you want to choose small make up like a eyelash, is it.

Stems will not make you feel abrupt, eyes must have is everybody pursues is very comfortable.

Fine thick length of eyelash, that must make the doll’s standard. If you also want to have. Then select it, always right.

Where to buy: shu uemura


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Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque 125ml $26


Cleaing skin is so important, if the face horny become thickening, even the high-price skin careQQ图片20140521154915 products can not give you a perfect skin, and the expensive makeup can not make you look charming.

Kiehl’s rare earth pore cleansing masque can clean the redundant oil of skin and the residual dirt effectively. It can deeply purify pores, thus keeping the skin up to the most primitive state, and helping play skin care, make-up for maximum effect.

Suitable for all skin types. If you do not clean the skin for a long time, it may make you feel tingling, don’t worry about that. It means your skin has been damaged. After a few times, the disconfort will disappear.


Girlfriends experience:

@ by mojopinko: This cleansing masque is great for degreasing. It belongs cleansing mask and you can use it once a week.

‘Good Use’ index: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Feedback from Netizens:

I received it yesterday and used once. At first my face felt so hurt, which means my skin was lack of water. After using it, I can see the effect immediately. the pores became small and blackheads became less. If  I continue to use it I think it will have a great effect. I also use their lipstick, it is very useful, lighten the color of my lips, make my lips more attractive.

I’m the combination skin, always have many blackheads on the T-zone. I heard that many dressers recommend the mud mask which enphasize cleansing. I attracted by the function of this mask for the first time I saw it. The effect was so immediate! Smear the mask after cleasing, It will have a little hurt, after 10 minutes wash face with warm water, the face looks dry but not tight. For me I feel so clear, and I want to try the other products of this series. Hope the effect can make me surprise again.

Where to buy: Kiehl’s | Nordstrome | Neiman Marcus | Saks Fifth Avenue |

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Allure 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards: Cosmatics, hair & body products

readers_choice_07.28.11As one of the most famous magazines and beauty websites, Allure amassed the favorites of Allure readers and distilled their picks down to the year’s ultimate winners. Click here for a full list of Allure 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards recommended products.








revlon-colorburst-lip-butter-peach-parfaitRevlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait:A sheer, radiant peachy pink lip color that shines like a gloss but has the color intensity of a lipstick.










AllureM.A.C. Matte Lipstick in Russian Red:The secret of this matte red’s success is its burlesque-dancer sexiness on everyone—light, medium, and dark skinned alike.









AllureMaybelline New York Baby Lips in Peach Kiss: This gerbera-pink tinted balm is not at all sticky (really) and does an exceptional job of saturating lips with moisture, shine, and SPF 20.









loreal-paris-colour-riche-le-gloss-peach-fuzzL’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Le Glossin Peach Fuzz: So sheer and juicy, you can easily wear it alone. For extra oomph, layer it over your favorite lipstick, and maybe even rub some on your cheeks.









AllureNars Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight: What looks downright bubble-gum-ish in the tube transforms into a sheer, sophisticated pink on lips.










AllureM.A.C. Tinted Lipglass in Nymphette:Pink pigments and a delicate gold shimmer work together to create big, pouty lips.










AllureMaybelline New York Dream Bouncy Blush in Rose Petal: A squishy gel so fun to use, you’ll be tempted to keep reapplying it all day. Go for it—you really can’t overdo this sheer pink.












Nars Blush in Orgasm: There’s a warm, breathless flush that can be reached in Bikram class, between the sheets, or with this iconic blush.










Maybelline New York EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow in Bad to the Bronze: This creamy shadow sounds like it should be hanging out at a biker bar, but the diffused metallic shade is actually soft and luminous.







M.A.C. Eye Shadow in Shroom: Somewhere between gray and beige, it’s the ideal shade for daytime smoky eyes.








revlon-colorstay-liquid-eye-pen-blackRevlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in Black:This felt-tip pen is so easy to control, even newbies can master flips and wings. Plus, its quick-dry formula means no smears.









urban-decay-247-eye-pencil-zeroUrban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero: Those who do the crossword puzzle in pencil, be warned: After a few seconds of drying time, this gel-like liner won’t budge—or smudge—until you remove it.









maybelline-new-york-great-lash-very-blackMaybelline New York Great Lash in Very Black: You can’t pry these ubiquitous pink-and-green tubes out of readers’ hands—this glossy mascara is an everyday essential that doesn’t get stiff or flaky.










Dior Diorshow Buildable Volume Mascara in Black: Layers so well, you can go from office-appropriate to va-va-voom with a few strokes of the supersize wand.









Benefit They’re Real Mascara: As dramatic as falsies but without the glue, patience, and steady hand.











Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot Treatment Concealer + Treatment: This concealer doesn’t just hide dark circles and brown spots; its concentrated vitamin C formula visibly lightens them over time.








CoverGirl + Olay Concealer Balm: This concealer-meets-serum gives full coverage and glides on smoothly to temporarily erase dark circles and crow’s-feet.









Benefit Boi-ing Industrial-Strength Concealer: The color-correcting balm famous for wiping out ghoulish undereye circles now comes in two additional shades, so women of all colors won’t be mistaken for members of the zombie apocalypse. Or insomniacs.







L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Makeup SPF 17: Impressive blendability and 33 shades mean there’s a bottle for every possible skin tone.










BareMinerals Original Foundation: We’re pleased this skin-perfecting mineral powder is a Readers’ Choice winner in the Tour de Face—no chemical enhancements involved.







        Body Products


Bath & Body Works Golden Sugar Scrub in Japanese Cherry Blossom:The ingredients for a beach-ready body: smoothing sugar crystals, softening apricot and sweet almond oils, and the intoxicating scent of sweet cherry blossoms.








Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion:This oatmeal-spiked lotion hydrates dry skin all day—and even soothes stubborn cases of eczema and psoriasis. (It’s like treating your skin to an oatmeal bath­, minus the gunked-up drain.)









Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion:Sure, it moisturizes. But it’s the sweet springtime scent (cherry blossoms, Asian pear, mimosa flowers) that makes this lotion so addictive year-round.










Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer:Even the most slapdash application builds a dewy bronze over several days. Plus, it moisturizes gorgeously while it performs its self-tanning magic.








St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse:This brown-tinted mousse stays thick and foamy when you slather it on, so spotting streaks and missed areas is a cinch. Plus, it smells like a floral body lotion, not stinky self-tanner.









Secret Clinical Strength Soothing Stress Sweat Protection Deodorant:This ultrastrong antiperspirant keeps you from sweating and stinking, even when you’re stressed.









Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips:No matter what happens with Obamacare, you’re never getting dental coverage for teeth whitening. A cheaper at-home option? These 30-minute strips, which get teeth brilliant in 20 days.








Essie nail polish in Mademoiselle:On one end of the manicure spectrum are the bonkers nail-art people; on the other, wearers of this barely there glossy pink. It makes nails look clean, elegant, and somehow a smidgen longer.






opi-nail-lacquer-bubble-bathOPI Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath:This milky pink shade is the Ryan Seacrest of nail polish: pretty to look at and suitable for any conceivable occasion.











Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Back to the Fuchsia:This hot pink lacquer just wants to have fun— and it wants it now. That’s why you don’t have to worry about a basecoat or topcoat—they’re already included.









OPI Nail Lacquer in Big Apple Red:Ditch the cocktail rings and file down the dagger manicure—this sex-bomb polish in cherry red is simple, pure, and decorative enough on its own.









Chanel No. 5 Eau de Toilette:No perfume better represents the hopes, dreams, and wild fantasies of little girls—and grown women.











Coach Poppy Eau de Parfum:Lush jasmine and gardenia are punctuated by sweetness (marshmallow, vanilla, crème brûlée).









Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò Eau de Toilette Pour Homme:With notes of bergamot, citrus, jasmine, and cedar, this fragrance is sexy and summery, like that Italian fling you’ve kept secret since college.







   Hair Products


Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions Volume Silicone Free Shampoo: This silicone-free formula leaves fine hair fresh and glossy without dragging it down.










Redken All Soft Shampoo:Argan oil and keratin build the strength and flexibility of brittle hair; the honey-and-lemon fragrance boosts your spirits in the shower.









Biolage Hydrathérapie Hydrating Shampoo:Aloe leaf, sage, and algae sound like ingredients for a cold-pressed green juice. As it turns out, they help moisturize and add shine to dry hair, too.








Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions Volume Conditioner:The volume-boosting polymers help wispy strands become full, swingy hair.












Redken All Soft Conditioner:Too impatient for a hair mask? This daily deep conditioner treats frazzled hair with soy protein and argan oil.









Biolage Ultra-Hydrating Balm:Shea butter and aloe lock out frizz-inducing humidity without becoming an albatross for fine hair.










John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow-Dry Lotion Root Booster:Blow-Dry Lotion Root Booster. Rubbed into the roots, this heat-protective styling lotion gives hair megabody.









Aveda Volumizing Tonic:The natural ingredients in this serum (organic aloe, wheat amino acids) are supernaturally great at increasing thickness and shine.









John Frieda Frizz-Ease Original Formula Hair Serum:A breakout star on the 1990s defrizzer scene, this classic serum continues to revolutionize blowouts for women with wild, unruly hair.








Moroccanoil Treatment:Banishing frizz, defining curls, adding crazy shine—is there anything a few drops of this orange-blossom-vanilla-and-lavender-scented oil can’t do?









L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Color & Shine System:The problem with most single-process kits is the “single” part: Allover color can look one-note and flat. This formula imparts depth and shine that stays rich for up to two months (available in 47 shades).

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Beauty.com FF Must-Buy List–Haircare

Published on 11/09/2012 in Beauty, Personal Care

Beauty.com FF 20% sale until 11/09/12 11:59pm. Click here.

Must-Buy Makeup List click here.

Skincare Must-Buy List click here.

Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Shampoo $39/473ml

Matching Conditioner click here.


Micro-encapsulation technology allows finer olive oil droplets to target and cover your hair for even distribution & coverage from the root to the tip.  With our encapsulated Shine-Release Complex, Brilliant Glossing formulas will deliver refreshed shine throughout the day for all day shine.

Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo  $22/450ml

Matching Conditioner click here.

A multifunctional daily use shampoo that is anti-aging, antioxidant rich, volumizing, super smooth, non-frizzy, scalp and hair nourishing, non-toxic and color safe. Formulated without sulfates, parabens, silicones, ethoxylates, PEG, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. For use on every hair type, this invigorating shampoo rids hair of build-up, revealing hair in its cleanest, purest form.

Philip B. Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo  $35/200ml  $49/350ml

The PHILIP B® formula contains a blend of 13.6% pure plant extracts. Pure Juniper Berry extract balance to the sebaceous (oil) glands of your scalp. Pure Sage extract is added for its aromatherapeutic, antibacterial, and astringent values. Soothing Aloe Vera Extract combined with Tea Tree Oil disinfects and relieves itching

Philip B. White Truffle Ultra-Rich Moisturizing Shampoo  $150/950ml

Matching conditioner click here.

Philip B® Moisturizing White Truffle Shampoo is an ultra-rich hydrating shampoo containing 23.2% pure plant extracts. The finest Italian White Truffle oil combined with the purest extracts of Nettle and Thyme provide aromatherapeutic bliss while giving your hair and scalp essential nutrients. Smaller size 200ml 350ml click here.

In addition, the nutritious Russian Amber Shampoo and Conditioner as well as refreshing Peppermint and Avocado Shampoo are all award-winning products.

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Powder $21/70g

Solves the dilemma of dirty hair and product build up in between washing. Refreshes, revives, and recharges hair and scalp. Absorbs excess oil and product. Increases volume at the roots.

Fekkai Advanced Salon Technician Color Care Conditioner $38/473ml

Matching Shampoo click here.

The Nature:  The Galanga Root, a known powerful natural UV shield, works within our exclusive complex to maintain vibrant hair color.

The Science:  Quaternized complex targets damaged hair and seals the cuticle with a conditioning layer.

FEKKAI ADVANCED ESSENTIAL SHEA Conditioner $25/236ml is for damaged and chemical-treated hair.

Alterna Caviar Anti-Anging Bodybuilding Volume Conditioner $43/250ml/8.5oz

Matching Shampoo click here.

A combination of peptides, polymers  and resins creates a structure for extreme weightless volume. Seasilk®, a blend of powerful marine botanicals, provides exceptional moisture & helps repair damage.

Oscar Blandi Jasmine Smoothing Hair Treatment  $26/150ml/5.3oz

Trattamento di Jasmine is an intensified weekly treatment that contains natural extracts of Jasmine, Vitamin E and added grape seed oils to strengthen and seal the hair’s cuticles to combat frizz more effectively.  Damaged cuticles are open and will naturally frizz under any condition.  Pampering the hair with Trattamento di Jasmine will restore its quality and beauty while freeing it from frizziness.

Phyto Phyto 9 Daily Ultra Nourishing Cream, Ultra-Dry Hair  $26/50ml

A genuine “day cream” for dehydrated hair, PHYTO 9 is a combination of Macadamia oil and plant extracts, all carefully selected for their hydrating and nourishing properties. Native to Hawaii and very rich in essential fatty acids, Macadamia oil has the distinctive feature of resembling sebum and provides intense nourishment without  leaving a greasy residue. Soybean, Calendula, Burdock and plant mucilage penetrate the very core of the hair fiber to help restore the keratin moisture levels. Treated from within and protected on the outside, hair rapidly regains its original shine, suppleness and softness.

John Masters Organics 100% Argan Oil $38/59ml

Beneficial for both hair and skin, this oil helps to retain moisture, improve elasticity and soften hair and skin, while also adding instant sparkle and shine.  It’s excellent for taming frizzy hair and mending split ends, and when applied to skin it helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes.

 Alterna Bamboo Volume Uplifting Root Blast $24/7.3 oz

With strengthening pure Organic Bamboo Extract and stimulating, phyto-nutrient rich Organic Maca Root takes lasting volume to new heights. 

Used on dry hair to infuse volume into hair that has fallen flat, it boosts fullness & lift at the roots where you need it most. With Color Hold® technology for color retention. Because great hair should be sustainable.

Oscar Blandi Pronto Color Root Touch-Up & Highlighting Pen $23/4.7ml

Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up and Highlighting Pen temporarily disguises roots, covers gray and enhances highlights with a professional, natural looking finish.  The formula is free of ammonia and peroxide, and full of gentle conditioners.  It’s also fast drying, waterproof and never clumps.  The packaging is portable, practical and easy to apply.  It’s commitment-free color when you want it.

Phyto Phytophanere with Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids  $50/120 each

Synergy of ingredients necessary for the beauty of the hair and nails. 2-month treatment. To complete your daily nutritional diet, Phytophanere is a dietary supplement that brings a synergy of necessary elements for the beauty and quality of hair and nails.

Alterna Stylist 1 Night Highlights – Haute Pink $29/3.3 oz

Temporary Color Mousses allow you to glide on stunning, natural-looking, chemical-free highlights that are easy to apply or remove at a moment’s notice. Mineral-rich, creme-mousse formulas dry quickly and won’t flake off once dry. Fast, easy, no mess color application delivers professional-looking results that wash out completely with just one shampoo. Free of ammonia, peroxide and synthetic color. Other colors click here.

Alterna Caviar Glitterati Sparkling Champagne Spray Shimmering Finisher $20/100ml

Decorates locks with a touch of luxurious sparkle for the holiday season. Shimmering champagne-hued finishing spray is flattering for all hair colors and provides lightweight, flexible hold, infusing tresses with a dose of subtle shine.

Fast clicks: Shampoo Conditioner Hair treatment Styling products Hair color

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NuFace Trinity

NuFace Trinity

 NuFace Trinity

Price: $276.49

Snap Up

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Philips Norelco 1160XCC SensoTouch 2d Electric Shaver with Jet Clean System

Published on 08/22/2012 in Personal Care

Philips Electric RazorPhilips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor 1250X/40



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